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I miss the ocean

I just read an article over at Sweatpants and Coffee about whale watching,
here's the link to the story

It brought back some good memories, the first one was a bunch of us girls that worked together; we went on a whale watching boat that was so much fun, even though we didn't see any whales. We drove from Sacramento to Berkley and the boat went well beyond the Golden Gate Bridge. It was so beautiful. I need to find those pictures.

The second time was with my son when I was working in Winchester Bay OR, we hiked up this steep narrow road to the lighthouse, I should say I hiked and huffed and puffed while my son was running up the hill and back down to me. There were those paying binoculars that you could use or there were volunteers there that were loaning binoculars to people, that was also fun, the lookout there is breathtaking.

Never did get a chance to do the lighthouse tour:( Maybe someday.

When my son was much younger we took him to The Oregon Coast Aquarium is an aquarium in Newport, Keiko the Killer Whale from 'Free Willy' was there. My son loved it, my mom bought him a large stuffed killer whale, which I now have.

My son also love the Sea Lion Caves in Florence,OR. It's been a long time since I've been there, when we were there all there were was stairs, now they have elevators(someone I worked with at the time told me this). I need to find these pictures as well.

I'm so sorry Raloria

I did something that upset you and I's so very sorry. I don't do things like that, I truly thought I missed the posts.

I've deleted all of the files from my computer.

I know that probably won't make you feel any better, I'm anything but entitled it's actually quite opposite of that.

My life has been a living hell for that month. I know that's not an excuse for anything. Again I'm so so sorry.

My sister had to have one of her cats put to sleep, RIP Old Man.

My dad has been in the hospital 4 times in the last month.

We took dad to the closest hospital, my sister and were sitting in the waiting for about 4 hours before they call us back and said they dad could go home, because they said they couldn't find anything wrong,(dad couldn't stand or walk). His home care nurse was so mad like we were.

The next day I had to call 911 as he still couldn't stand or walk, and with my own disabilties I can't help him if he falls. My sister works full time and she can't help much either. He went to the hospital about 7pm and they didn't get him in a room until 5:30 the next morning. (Also had to wait the the washing machine repair guy, he was running way late so we had to reschedule)

He had an infection in both legs.

They overdosed him on Oxy/Cotton. Nobody called to tell us anything we get there it looked like he had a stroke. They kept saying he was altered instead of saying they overdosed him, and that it happens sometimes. We went in the following morning and they had moved his to another room, again not calling and telling us anything.

Two days later they sent him home with only 20 minutes of PT, his home care nurse came over the day after home and between her, myself and my sister he aggreed to go back, so I called 911 again and they keep arguing witgh us about taking him back to the hospital, they finally relented and took him.

Dad finally agreed to go to a Rehab Hospital for PT & OT. He took his cell phone to him as they don't have phones in the rooms, they then overdosed him on duiretics and they thought he was contagious and put him in isolation. The lady across from him was always complaining that his TV was too loud, he tried explain to her that he is deaf in one ear and partialy deaf in the other ear.

My sister and I were getting at 6:30 in the morning to go see him as the hospital is in Reno and about an hour out. My sister couldn't afford to lose any more work. She was overly tired and taking it out on me. Dad would call at least 12 times a day to complain about anything and everything. He'd be calling us a four in the morning or when we were trying to sleep.

Dad got mad and checked himself out of the rehab hospital against medical advice, he's now home and only kinda listening to what his home care nurse is telling him. Dad now has me doing hid daily meds now.

Had to see a podiatrist, the took xrays of my feet and ankles, turns out I have bad arthritis in booth feet, the right being worse and also bone spurs in the heals of both feet and also on top of both feet.

My sister caught a cold at work and she had to give it to me, I was without sleep for 3 days, my stomach and ribs still hurt from coughing so much, I've been nothing more than a walking zombie.

My sister is also getting married (again This will be husband #4) on Feb 24th at Circus Circus.

I'm also waiting to from the surgeons office as I'm suppose to have 3 surgeries.

Again I'm so sorry Raloria.I promise that it won't happen again, I've never stolen anything for anybody and I feel so bad. I hope that you can forgive me.

Like I said above I'm not entitled, I'm nothing but the family punching bag.

I hope that you can forgive me. I am truly sorry. I don't want to make anyone feel bad.

I appreicate everything that you share with us.
Yeah I know that doesn't make sense.

My sister and her third husband just show up out of the blue and Dad and I have to drop whatever we are doing to cater to them.

The have no consideration for anyone. My sister smokes in dads house if when she knows it bothers him and has the windows open and dad an d I are freezing and they complain that they are getting colds when they finally did leave dad and I both were sicker than dogs.(who came up witn that phrase?) It's been almost a week now and this cold or whatever it is is not going away for either of us.

As bad as I am Dad is a lot worse. I so want to ring my sisters neck.

Ok I think I'll stop ranting now.

Bye bye

4 down 3 to go Yeah!

Made it through Memorial Day weekend(our kick-off to summer around here.

Then we made it through Father's Day/Chainsaw weekend(Crazy people) Had helicopter rides over the bay this year.

The 4th of July is always nuts . With all the tourists and weekend warriors here for the fireworks over the bay. This year Red Bull had events going on down on the Dunes. Up-side we got free red bulls to drink. Boy did we need them

And: Another Ocean Fest is history, Thank God. People were nuts this weekend.(and rude)
They added horseback rides on the dunes and camel rides this year.

Next up is Dune Fest. When we poor locals are really outnumbered. The 3 little towns here Approx 3,000 of us and 80,000 of them. These people are always rude. 5 Days of hell for us.

Then it's Kool Koastal Nights. It's the weekend before Labor Day. They have burn outs on Friday night and Car show on Saturday. Plus a parade. There is a red 67 Impala out there every year, I see a lot of the cars form my little window at work.

Summer officially ends with Labor Day.

Needless to say I don't have a lot of time to myself in the summer. Always glad when it's over.
Tad late but couldn't resist.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, warriorgal sent to me...
Twelve basez_dreams drumming
Eleven longhairedladys piping
Ten paleogymnasts a-leaping
Nine bardicvoices dancing
Eight thenyxies a-milking
Seven rah_rams a-swimming
Six vampires a-laying
Five uni-i-i-icorns
Four demons
Three ghost hunters
Two jensen ackles
...and a j2 in a shea.
Get your own Twelve Days:
In 2011, warriorgal resolves to...
Cut down to ten jensen ackles a day.
Go to canon every Sunday.
Keep my castiel clean.
Admit my true feelings to lady_fetish.
Find a new leverage.
Volunteer to spend time with demons.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

That was fun. I think I already work with a few demons. Hee!

Our new mascot

This big fella's big hanging around work for the last 3 days.


RIP Franie (Dad and I miss you)

My dad had to have his dog put to sleep last week(they didn't charge him). He took it pretty hard. Was with him at the vets office. I was hard to see that. Dad and I both were in tears leaving. They sent dad a card a few days later with a nice verse on it.(Again we were both crying)

She's been dad main source for company for the last 2 years since mom passed away.
I'm so used to seeing her everyday and it's hard to see dad so lost and alone.

Dad gave me the one of her toys today. It was her favorite one. Got it sitting next to my monitor. Again I'm crying.

Like dad said though she's no longer suffering and that she was going to be with mom.
Saturday night my sister calls and asks if I'm okay, she got court documents saying that I was deceased. They had my sisters information wrong as well.

My aunt and that good-for-nothing-lair shes married too didn't bother to clarify to the lawyers handling my grandmothers will.
I don't care about the will I wanted to set things straight.

My sister gave me the name and number of the lawyer in CA, so I could get un-deceased. They had me listed twice once as her daughter and the other listed my as a granddaughter both had my maiden name listed.

Anyway I called the lawyer yesterday and told them that I was named after my mother and what was going on and also corrected the information that they had on my sister, they had her last name and address wrong. My aunt knows my last name yet she put my maiden name down, thus creating confussion.
They were very nice told me straight up that they were confussed and rembered the case right away.

She said they would file the case again with the correct information.
My aunt and her idiot husband will just have to wait to get their greedy little hands on anything. My grandma did not want either one of them in her house.

Shortly after we found out mom's cancer was back they broke into grandmas house and have been living there calling it their house.

I'm just glad that my stupid aunt didn't send anything to my son saying I'm dead.


Finally after 2 years I get to go see a specialist for my leg. Took long enough. Sometimes living in a small town sucks.

Seen the specialist yesterday I now have Lymphodma(sp) in both legs and she's worried about an ulcer forming in my left leg, she says it's a very long and hard process if that happens, also said my job is not helping my leg. Go figure.