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I miss the ocean

I just read an article over at Sweatpants and Coffee about whale watching,
here's the link to the story

It brought back some good memories, the first one was a bunch of us girls that worked together; we went on a whale watching boat that was so much fun, even though we didn't see any whales. We drove from Sacramento to Berkley and the boat went well beyond the Golden Gate Bridge. It was so beautiful. I need to find those pictures.

The second time was with my son when I was working in Winchester Bay OR, we hiked up this steep narrow road to the lighthouse, I should say I hiked and huffed and puffed while my son was running up the hill and back down to me. There were those paying binoculars that you could use or there were volunteers there that were loaning binoculars to people, that was also fun, the lookout there is breathtaking.

Never did get a chance to do the lighthouse tour:( Maybe someday.

When my son was much younger we took him to The Oregon Coast Aquarium is an aquarium in Newport, Keiko the Killer Whale from 'Free Willy' was there. My son loved it, my mom bought him a large stuffed killer whale, which I now have.

My son also love the Sea Lion Caves in Florence,OR. It's been a long time since I've been there, when we were there all there were was stairs, now they have elevators(someone I worked with at the time told me this). I need to find these pictures as well.



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